Sunday, January 25, 2009

Post #2: Sunday's practice and more fun stuff

Well, I went to a practice sesion at AMF Lewisville this morning. First I went into my old bag to change the finger grips in my Special Agent, which rides around in the truck on the off chance that we time warp into 1995 and I come across a pair of lanes that are flying-ass dry. So I unzip the bag, grab the ball, and I'll be damned if the f-ing shell wasn't cracked! That's the third ball in the past year that has done that. Not that I ever use that ball but dammit! I'm sure that I will show up for league tomorrow and hear how the lane machine was set up wrong and all it could do was double-strip the lanes. I guess my Vis-A-Ball with the cowprint, affectionately known as CowBall by everyone, will be my new "scorched earth" ball.

So I start practicing different lines, shots, hand positions, blah, blah, blah. I feel like I spotted the ball really well. My spare game was right on, too. I missed one spare in two hours, and it was a ......7-pin. I was on lane 32 against the wall, and apparently someone last night decided to bowl with a damn drink in their hand because it was dried up all over the corner of the approach by the wall. So when that shot went into the gutter at about 9 feet, I bent down, picked up 3 or 4 pieces of kneecap that splintered off from sticking so bad, and never missed another damn spare the rest of the morning. I even spared the feared 2-7 baby split 3 of 3 times. I'm so cool. Nothing scares me. Except for Jehovah's Witnesses. Any group of young guys who all dress in slacks, white shirts, and ties and ride bikes around town kind of creeps me out. They claim to be speading the word, but I'm not sure I'm buying that story. I think I just had my first mental detour on my blog! These will probably be a common part of this blog. I tend to lose focus after a few...hey look, a butterfly!

Back to my train of thought; I recently changed my line for left-side spares after bowling in travel league a few weeks back and discovering through the magic of SpeedTracker that my spare ball velocity has increased from 20 mph to 22 mph, which was making most of my 7-pin shots slide into the gutter. Now that's all fixed up and I'm happy again.

League is tomorrow night. After we finish we are prebowling for the following Monday because three of us will be out. Keith and I will be in Vegas (Baby!), and Bron will be at his 22nd Annual JELQing Convention. I hear they give out free hand lotion, so that's good. I will update Tuesday on the results, and any goings-on that may occur during our marathon 6-gamer of fun!

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