Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All right, round one is over for both of us

Sorry for the delay in posting...Keith bowled the 10am squad and I decided to bump up my time and bowl the noon squad. And the results are...not so much, buddy. Keith shot 193-188 for a 381 set. It took 434 to make the cut, and 404 to win a reentry. He had major problems with over/under, and mixed in a few bad shots to keep him from getting lined up. He moved outside in the 8th frame of the 2nd game and struck, then stayed there to strike out. He was playing straight up 4-5 and had a pretty good look at it. To make matters worse he has strained a muscle in his va-jay-jay AND his taint. Now we are sitting in the room and it reeks of BenGay. The approaches are very slick, and he strained his groin first, then strained his ass muscle trying to compensate for that problem. I know he is one of my brothers, but there is a zero percent chance I am rubbing it down for him. Sucks to be him.

Now for my performance. I was watching Keith's squad and really getting pumped up. The practice session went really well for me. I had a great line with three different balls, and just needed to make a decision. I ended up going with the Virtual Gravity to start. I was supposed to bowl at 2pm, but I couldn't wait anymore. I changed to the noon squad so I could start kicking some ass. I drew lanes 3-4 for game one. After the first two frames I missed the head pin left and tugged the crap out of the second ball. I took a pulse check. It was beating faster than the Energizer Bunny on Bugs Bunny's mom. Take a breath, slow down. I was playing 11-12 at the arrows to around 7-8, but it was erratic, and I was too. I switched balls to the Fury and moved left 3-1. It was a little better reaction, but I kept tugging the damn ball. I ended with 181 for the first game with three splits and two strikes.
Game two we moved down to 31-32. First frame, strike. Second frame, miss the head pin left. The right lane is dead slick!! Um, did anyone tell them that I'm lefthanded and this crap isn't supposed to happen. So the left lane I'm using a Fury, and the right lane I'm using my Virtual Gravity, playing 11-2 to 7-8. Guess what folks? I had a tugfest on the left lane, and playd over/under on the right lane to finish with a 182 game, for a total of 363. I didn't stay to see what the cut was. I'll find out later. We still haven't had any lunch, so I'm signing off for now.

The bottom line is now that we are both in good spirits. We both had a case of the "First High Roller Jitters", and now we are both a little pissed off by our bad performances. I am bowling in the sweeper tonight at 7pm PST, so I will update the blog after that is done. Stay tuned, fair readers!

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