Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still trying to qualify

Well here's how the morning went...I bowled the 10am squad. I decided to play straight up 3-4 again and be more aggressive, but in practice I also tried playing a deep shot around 17-18 out to 12-13 as a backup plan. I started the match well, but was not hitting the ball consistently. Here's the breakdown: strike, through the nose leaving the 2-4-7-10, got three. Then I mixed in spares with two more stikes, including one in the 9th to set up the 10th. I wanted to be aggressive with the shot, and I tugged it. I left the 2-7 baby split, then chopped off the 2 pin to open in the 10th for a 172 game. I had 144 in the 8th with the strike in the 9th. If I convert that spare and strike in the fill ball I shoot 184. Oh well. So we move down to 37-38. Keith talks me into moving deep. The up-the-gutter line has been too touchy, so it's time to hit the eject button. I need a big game with a bunch of strikes, so I moved in to play 17 to 12. I start out strike, blowout 7-10 split, double, spare, then threw the next 4 strikes to set up the 10th frame. I wanted to be aggressive with the shot, and I did. I pushed the f-er left and skidded past the head pin, leaving the 1-3-6. So I moved 5 & 2 left, threw the ball clean, it hit a freaking slick spot, skiided long, then hooked up late to chop the 1-3 off the 6 for another open in the 10th and a 200 finish for 372 total. That sucked big time!

I had a great line so I reentered for the noon squad. I started off in the same spot, but it wasn't finishing well. I chose to move left and play 12 to 10, a lot more direct with the Fury. Had a pretty consistent reaction, but couldn't string any strikes together. I left a washout in the 4th frame for an open, but the rest of the game was clean. Ripped the rack on the first shot in the 10th, then a blowout 7-pin for 193. Moved to lanes 19-20, decided to stay with that line. I threw the first 4 strikes, then started pushing the ball to throw spares in the 5th-9th frame. I get up in the 10th needing to strikeout badly. First ball in the 10th, dead flush. I am on it. Second ball, smash 10-pin. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Spared it to end with 206 and 399 total. When they announced the cut I was pissed...412 made the cut, and 406 made the free re-entry. All I needed was that damn 10-pin to fall. This is starting to piss me off.

We had some lunch and went back to the room to relax for a while. I am going to bowl the 4pm squad. The good news is that this will be my 4th paid sqaud, so I get a free Storm HyRoad bowling ball. Yay!! If I make the cut I bowl one game at 5:30 for $1,000, then at 6pm to make it to Saturday. We also bowl tonight in a 3-game sweeper, so my post may only be a header from my phone. That's all for now kids.

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