Thursday, February 5, 2009

Close, but no cigar

I just finished the 4pm squad. I shot 206-200 for 406 total. The cut was 433, and the free re-entry cut was 413. I missed by 7 pins, again. I was right in the pocket for most of both games, but the shot was really tight, and I just couldn't get a string of strikes going I had a 4-6 split in the first game, and the second game I drove one throught the beak for a 4 count split, leaving the 2-4-6-7-8-10. I was on a 3-bagger, so that cost me big time.

So far I have bowled games of 181, 182, 179, 225, 183, 172, 200, 193, 206, 206, and 200. I am one frustrated lefthander right now. I have money for one more qualifier. Keith and I talked about it, and I have decided to wait until Saturday to give it my last shot. That will give me a day off to relax and get my mind off bowling for a while. So I will post once more with the results from tonight's sweeper at 7pm, then you boys and girls will have to find another senseless blog to follow for a day.


  1. 193 average . . .

    Keep on tryin' You can do it!!!

  2. So you saying that you're not bowling tomorrow so you can get your mind off of it.
    BULLSHIT!! You'll think about it all day long. I say go for it and get it over with.

    Come on, you're getting closer.
    I know you can do it.

    We will miss you Saturday so make it worth wild.

  3. What is Worth Wild? Oh wait, I see that was Terry's post . . . nevermind.