Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I forgot to evaluate the talent for you...

There are A LOT of people bowling in this tournament who do not need to be wasting their money. There are some really bad bowlers here. One guy is throwing a backup ball about 22 mph with 5 revs, and another old black guy is throwing it off the wrong foot, and it is painful to watch. I am shocked at how many guys are here that have horrible form, bad mechanics, and don't know how to dress at all.
There are also some big names here as well. Ted Pritts is here. Also, Mike Rose Jr, Jeremy Sonnenfeld, and Jay Futrell, who are three guys who have won the all-events or singles at Nationals the past few years. But they are no match for me. You should have seen their faces when they saw me walk in. I have a pretty intimidating aura about me. They were scared shitless. I took it easy on them today. They know that my 181-182 scores were just to let them have a chance today. Tomorrow there will be no charity.

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Keith
    Has he ever had a new ball?

    Good luck tomorrow. Keep us updated.

    It sure is nice back home, I shot 678 lastnight and 716 tonight. Home Sweet Home.
    I couldn't say that 3 weeks ago.