Thursday, February 5, 2009

sweeper results

Since Keith is the alpha dog of this trip, I will recap him first. He was using the sweeper as a "practice session" to throw a few balls on a few different lines. His score was 155-181 for 336 total, but it was more of a learning experience for him.

I drew 1 & 2 for the sweeper, which sucks. I started with the Fury where I played in my qualifying squad, but they were freshly oiled and it wasn't there. I had the Virtual Gravity shined up before the squad and tried it at 17-12, but the ball wouldn't finish very strong, and I ended up fighting my way to a 173 game. That ball reaction wasn't terrible, so when we move lanes, I tired that shot first. The ball skidded and left the 3-6-7-9. I was pretty focused, and I knew I could hit it, so I made the adjustment, hooked the shot, and spared that MF'er. Then I faded a 3-pin, spared, and decided that it was time to quit screwing around. I changed balls to my Attitude Shift, moved 1 board off of where I was playing the Fury, and ripped the rack. Then I proceeded to strike in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, blew the rack in the 7th frame to leave a 10 pin/spare, and struck out to shoot 258. Sound the trumpets, I have finally found the right ball/line combination!! I finished with 431, didn't win a dime, but I had the 3rd high game on the squad. Actually I tied for third with a guy on my pair who also shot 258. No more exciting news and I'm starving, so Bye-bye. It's time for some vittles.

By the way, thanks to everyone who is following along. I hope I'm not boring everyone with more bowling and less smart-ass. Our schedule is just so busy that I really don't have time to do much more than post the best play-by-play I can and shut down the computer to get back to the bowling center. I will be much mo betta soon. Buh-bye.

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